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Lebanon: Hizbullah and A Major Decision

Nasser Qandil – al-Binaa newspaper

The fact that Hizbullah’s operation in Shebaa farms came in line with a declaration that is the first in almost ten years, amid the current critical juncture sweeping the region, where is against the most dangerous components of the terrorist organizations that is ISIS, makes it seem a war for Hizbullah mostly. 

Yet the party cannot deal with it building on the fact that its participation in it is merely a political contribution to prove involvement in this war. It is rather a war of destiny for the region, the party, and the Resistance axis, just like Hizbullah’s Secretary General has repeatedly couched.

The war with ISIS and al-Nusra Front is not a war of destiny in its general meaning for Hizbullah as a key camp of the Resistance axis, according to the party’s theoretical vision. As a matter of fact, it is a war of destiny in terms of assimilating that the mischievous conduct of the West, namely Washington and its allies from Ankara till the Gulf, entails that the theoretical anti-ISIS coalition seeks to run the war and not to terminate it. It also seeks to fire the war’s flames at the Resistance axis by drawing redlines for rampant ISIS where its interests are menaced, just like what happened during ISIS advance towards Erbil; the opposite is happening in Arsal outskirts, Ain Arab, and Qoneitra.

Moreover, it is a war of destiny because winning it is shoulder by the Resistance men. And despite the tremendous contributions of the Syrian army and the attempts of the Lebanese and Iraqi armies to assume the responsibilities inflicted by the battle, the moral and field aspects of the war seem to convince Hizbullah that it is to lead, by itself, a good deal of this war in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq.

Hizbullah is aware that “Israel” seeks to know the magnitude of the impact of the party’s involvement in this war on is readiness for warfare with the Zionist entity. Indeed, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has always confirmed that “Israel” must realize that the material, moral and human readiness for war with it is better than before. But Hizbullah also knows that “Israel,” which practically constitutes the key generator of all the region’s wars and is very close to ISIS and al-Nusra, is stalking the opportunity to break the balance of terror anchored by the Resistance in South Lebanon.

Moreover, it knows that the obfuscated and fragmented Lebanese interior is an easy and adequate environment for chaos, harbingered by strife, and that it won’t stand in firm solidarity behind the Resistance in any next confrontation with “Israel” as long as it hasn’t anyway in better times.

This could be “Israel’s” unique opportunity. And perhaps, a decision of war lies behind the “Israeli” “tickling” in the South and the Golan. In fact, the time is not right for reminder-like operations against Lebanon in the farms of Shebaa, with the Resistance enjoying no right to wage operations there.

The decision of Hizbullah and the Resistance’s command of a quality operation in Shebaa farms in not similar to that of capturing “Israeli” soldiers in 2006, based on the fact that work is underway for a next abduction that shall take place when time is; and then, come what may, since the operation has been executed as per a fresh decision that is close to being a decision of war.

Hizbullah is changings its strategies to face the region’s events after Brital, Arsal, Ain Arab and Qoneitra. It is translating what its Secretary General has said about the capacity to quell ISIS through Brital events, hampering al-Nusra and ISIS’s ongoing attempts to establish a security belt from Qoneitra till Shebaa-Kfarshouba, and cutting the way of the West connivance in using ISIS and staging war on it at once, as well as through razing every possibility for “Israel” to determine the time of war.

Hizbullah is present on the arena as per a decision titled “we’re ready for both wars and we will stage them simultaneously; so come if you dare.”

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