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Lebanese Hezbollah remembers revered leader Imam Musa Sadr

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Prominent Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has remembered the country’s revered Shia leader Imam Musa al-Sadr in the anniversary of his 1978 disappearance in Libya while on an official visit, describing his yet unknown fate as a major national tragedy.

In a Friday statement, Hezbollah underscored that the August 31, 1978 disappearance of Imam Sadr and his two companions Sheikh Mohamad Yacoub and Sayyed Abbas Badr al-Din marks “the most painful date in the history of our country and our nation.”

“Imam Musa al-Sadr is the imam of the resistance, the imam of dialogue, openness and moderation; and amid the circumstances prevailing in our nation, we remember his critical positions on the conflict with the continuing Zionist aggression on our nation,” the statement read.

“We also remember his talk with all social, religious and political parties in our region amid the takfiri and terrorist attack aimed at everyone,” it added. Hezbollah stressed that the successive Libyan governments which have done nothing so far – since the revolution of 2011 – bear the responsibility for this crime.

“Arab and international communities are partners in crime to hide Imam Sadr for not bearing the responsibility for working to release the Imam and his companions,” it said. “On this day, Hezbollah confirms keenness to keep this issue at the top of priorities, and stresses the need to exert all possible efforts in order to reach the happy conclusion,” the statement added.

Hezbollah also emphasized that “the path, approach and ideas of Imam Sadr will remain the lighthouse that lights our way to face threats that target our nation, especially the growing Zionist danger, the danger posed by the Takfiri trend and terrorism, as well as by the deprivation which Imam Sadr considered one of the greatest threats to our people and our nation.”

Source : Al-Alam

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