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Leader Stresses Importance of Resistance Economy in Confronting Global Threats

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Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei stressed the importance of Tehran’s adoption of resistance economy, introducing its reasons as well as its components.

In a meeting with economic activists, elites and state officials in Tehran Tuesday, the leader emphasized that the current year, economic epic had not been realized, but political epic became possible.

Resistance Economic policies are a dynamic and long-term measure for country’s economy, fulfilling the objectives of the country in economy.”

“These policies should be forerunner to an economic epic in coming year,” Imam Khamenei added, referring to the new year which starts on March 21 according to the Iranian calendar.

Daring to the field of resistance economy is a good deed; anyone walking in this path is surely the subject of ‘Do good deeds.’ (a verse in Quran).”

His eminence also believed that resistance economy should be centered on the public. “The policies of Article 44 of the Constitution intended such objective, but it was not lend due attention; it underestimated the public in economy.”

The leader introduced the reasons of adopting resistance economy, saying they are: “abundant material and non-material capacities of the country, treatment of chronic and lasting economic problems, confrontation against sanctions and immunizing the country’s economy against global economic crises.”

He further noted that the components of the resistance economy are: “creating movement and dynamicity in the country’s economy and improving macroeconomic indicator, ability to resist against threatening factors, reliance on internal capacities, adoption of a Jihadi approach, people-centeredness, reforming consumption patterns, campaign against corruption and adoption of knowledge-based approach”.

Source: Al Manar

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