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Lavrov: US Should Face Responsibility for Powers it Installed in Kiev

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the US should take responsibility for those whom they put in power instead issuing ultimatums to Moscow.

All attempts to isolate Russia will lead to a dead end, he added according to Russia Today. Speaking about the crisis situation in eastern Ukraine and Kiev’s crackdown on the Donetsk region, Lavrov also said that Kiev authorities don’t want or maybe cannot control the extremists who continue to control the situation in the country, said Lavrov during a press conference.

According to Lavrov, the Kiev authorities are still spinning out the implementation of constitutional reform in the country. “Why were they waiting for so long to speak about the necessity of constitutional reform? Why are they spinning out the process?” he asked at the conference.

Meanwhile, Lavrov also said that the Kiev coup-appointed government has violated the Geneva agreements from April 17.

“They did nothing to eliminate the deep crisis in the country,” he added.

The attack by militants on the checkpoint in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk on Easter Sunday is a crime beneficial only for those who want to derail the Geneva agreements, he added.

Lavrov also stressed the necessity of restoring order in the crisis-torn country.

Lavrov criticized statements from Western countries and Kiev’s authorities, which “invent possible and impossible arguments against Russia,” saying that a large amount of Russian arms in the conflict zones proves Russian interference in Ukrainian affairs.

He called the statements absurd as Ukraine has traditionally used Russian-made arms. “This statement is ludicrous. Everyone has Russian arms in Ukraine,” he said.

Meanwhile, he also said that TV outlets have reported that US arms were also found in Ukraine. He added that illegal armed groups, not the Ukrainian army, were in possession of these American arms.

He also censured statements made by the Kiev government that the Geneva agreements don’t cover “Maidan protests.”

Source: Al-Manar

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