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Lavrov: US Called Damascus More Than Once for Chemicals Info

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Russian Foreign Minister stressed Saturday that the US administration has called the Syrian government directly more than once to have information on the chemical weapons situation possessed by Damascus.

The Russian diplomat noted that the Russian and American presidents had agreed during the G20 summit on exchanging domestic assessments of the Syrian chemical weapons via proper agencies of the two states.

“In order to follow up the situation, both presidents (the Russian and American) agreed on the exchange of information and assessments on a regular basis, through appropriate agencies, on the status of the chemical arsenal of the Syrian government”, Lavrov told the Russian Television.

“We were dealing directly with the Syrians to understand the level of needed securing. The American party has directly called the Syrian government, and more than once, for clarification on this particular subject”, the Russian minister added.

Lavrov stressed that the prime step towards the agreement to put the Syrian chemical weapons under the international supervision has been fulfilled by Damascus.

“Americans say this has been happened only because of the threat of using force. This is not important for us. It is important that Damascus has announced its accession to the Treaty for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, without any conditions”, Lavrov indicated.

Source: Al Manar

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