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Lavrov Slams US Blaming Syria for University Blasts: Nothing More Blasphemous

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Local Editor Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov condemned Thursday U.S. allegations that the explosion that killed over 80 people at the university of Aleppo in Syria was organized by Syrian government troops.

He further called such statements “Blasphemous”. 
“I saw a report on CNN, which said that Syrian government troops were behind it. Nothing can be more Blasphemous, “Lavrov told reporters in Dushanbe. 
Asked whether the various interpretations of the Aleppo events might affect Russian-US relations, he said: “I do not understand how a terrorist act can spark differences. “He stressed that the Aleppo explosion was qualified as a terrorist act by many world leaders and also by the United Nations. In a statement on Wednesday, the Russian foreign ministry blamed “terrorists” for the “Merciless bloody provocation . ” It said the explosions were “the terrorists’ revenge for the significant losses sustained in their confrontation with government forces”. Lavrov also reiterated Thursday Russia’s stance that Moscow was against referring Syria to the International Criminal Court to investigate war crimes accusations. “We should answer the question: what is more important for us? ” Russia’s top diplomat told reporters. “If the most important for us is to punish someone, to condemn someone, to put someone on trial, then it’s one logic”. He further stated that “If the most important is to stop the violence, then I would focus on the actions aimed at this. Everything else can wait”.

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