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Lavrov, Kerry Agree on Peaceful Solution in Syria

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed Saturday that military  scenarios in Syria should be avoided, adding that Russia’s starting point in work with the United States is Damascus’s decision to join the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

In a joint press conference with his US counterpart John Kerry, Lavrov noted that he stressed the issue of avoiding military scenarios regarding Syria in his meeting with Kerry as well as that of the Syrians determining their destiny by themselves.

He stressed that there cannot be talk now about using force or any punishment against Syria, noting that any breach of the terms agreed upon concerning the Syrian chemical weapons will be discussed by the Security Council, which is to adopt suitable decisions.

Lavrov considered that solving the issue of chemical weapons in Syria is a step towards making the Middle East region free of weapons of mass destruction.

He also highlighted that what was agreed upon today between Russia and the US is considered a major step towards finding the comprehensive solution to the crisis in Syria.

While indicating differences with the U.S. side Lavrov stressed that Russia and the US agree that they want Syria to remain a secular state with all its people living in coexistence.

Lavrov said there are countries who have worked hard to fund the war in Syria, while there are other countries that are striving to reach a peaceful solution to ward off destruction and bloodshed.

For his part, the US Secretary of State said all parties know that there is no military solution to the crisis in Syria, affirming that the solution should be political.

Kerry stressed readiness to give a chance to the ongoing diplomatic efforts regarding the chemical weapons in Syria.

He made clear that what he and Lavrov are doing in Geneva is implementing the agreement reached between US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin at St Petersburg Summit.

Source: Al Manar

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