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Khashoggi case strange considering crimes in Yemen

Mehr News Agency – Former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said that concentration of media on Khashoggi case is strange while Yemeni children are being killed without international notice.

KhashoggiGermany has some problems with the Saudi kingdom and it has even stopped arms sales to the country, he said, adding that Saudis only receive messages from the White House. He made the remarks in a Monday meeting with Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in Tehran where German Ambassador to Tehran Michael Klor-Berchtold was also in attendance.

Regretting the absence of Europe in solving the Syrian crisis, the German diplomat added that Europe can put forward solutions for such crises. Touching upon the latest status of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), he went on to say that Germany and France are more committed than other countries to the agreement. These commitments are beyond the case of Iran because if Europe gives the US an inch, it will take a mile, he added.

Many SME firms in Germany which do not rely on the United States are eager to cooperate with Iran, Sigmar highlighted. For his part, Larijani pointed to the long history of ties between the two countries, adding that after signing JCPOA, a tangible increase in Iran-Europe relations was evident.

However, the behavior of the US President Donald Trump not only has caused issues for Iran but also for European countries, while creating a bad situation in the international field, Larijani said. Larijani also called on European countries to play a more independent role and distance themselves from the US, saying that independence from the US will be in Europe’s favor.

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