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Italy-Iran have strong cultural ties, says Iranian aide

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(AGI) Rome, Jan 26 – Iran’s Presidential Aide for Cultural Affairs, Hesamodin Ashna, said on Tuesday that Italy is Tehran’s “friend and principal partner” in its plans to strengthen its cultural and economic cooperation abroad. “Dialogue between nations is of great importance for Iran, it desires the utmost collaboration with the world,” said Mr Ashna, who attended the inauguration of the AGI-sponsored “Italian Archaeological Research in Iran: Excavations and Restorations” exhibition at the Italian Institute For The Middle And Far East (ISMEO).

Ashna discussed Iran’s priorities with AGI now that the Islamic Republic has normalised its relations with the international community and returned to the global stage.

“Cultural collaboration with countries that have a rich heritage is the first necessity of today,” he stated. “On top of economic relations with Italy, which are now very strong, there must also be a greater collaboration on archaelogical sites, conserving cultural assets, and a museum system. We need Italy’s experience,” he affirmed. Both Italy and Iran descend from “great civilisations that influenced the entire world” and are bonded by the unparalleled strength of their rich cultural heritage, Mr Ashna said. He added that Iran “does not seek nuclear weapons, nor does it intend to use nuclear energy for something other than civilian purposes; its strength lies in its culture, and it doesn’t need anything more to increase its power.”

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