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“Israeli” president urges EU to blacklist Hezbollah

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Zionist Entity President Shimon Peres visited Belgium, calling on the European Union to place Hizbullah on the European list of terrorist organizations.

He noted, following his meeting with President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso, that Hizbullah was supposedly “Involved with tens of terrorist organizations in Europe, chiefly the acts that took place on Bulgaria and Cyprus”.
According to “Israeli” Maariv news website, Peres claimed, “Hizbullah is involved in battles by the Syrian Army against Syrian armed men; Hizbullah intervenes in Syria without the approval of Lebanese. I hope that Hizbullah is called to order before Syrian civilians are killed”.

For his part, Barroso stated, “The judicial process will show whether we should take political decisions. We cannot decide this in advance. Once the perpetrators are known, their inclusion in the list… may be considered”.

Peres also addressed the Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Thursday by saying, “We are following the attempts of arming Hizbullah,” claiming that “Hizbullah is an organization that plants terror and chaos in Lebanon, and must be treated as a terror organization”.

On the Iranian nuclear file, Peres claimed, “Iran does not only represent a danger on “Israel”, but on the whole world. Sanctions affected Iran more than expected but did not achieve the goal, so we should continue to prevent Iran from turning into a nuclear country”.

Source: News Agencies

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