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Israel Fears the Expansion of the “Hezbollah Model”

As the world is now waking up to a Middle East with strong Iran, the Israeli occupation entity is afraid of Lebanon’s “Hezbollah model”, according to the Zionist designation, in the process of construction in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

HezbollahIn the context, Uzi Rabi wrote for Ynet news website that: The bleeding Middle East and the intensive preoccupation with Daesh have distracted the world’s attention from the Iranians. According to the writer, Israel fears the Iranian “seeking to create a territorial sequence from Iraq through northern Syria to Latakia, on the shores of the Mediterranean”.

According to the Israeli analysis, the details of Iran’s nuclear agreement can be debated, but it’s important to remember that it will be tested by its implementation rather than by the direct meaning of its clauses. ‘It’s safe to assume that parts of it were worded vaguely so as to leave the parties room for interpretation, and that will be a source of future disputes and will make it difficult for statements such as “Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon has been closed” or “the deal is not based on trust but on supervision” to stand the test of time,’ Rabi added.

Rabi further considered that additionally, the agreement intensified Iran’s standing from the regional geopolitical aspect. With improved economic assets and broad international legitimacy, Iran continues to support Syrian President Bashar Assad, Hezbollah and the Ansarullah revolutionaries in Yemen.

Relatively, the Israeli analyst cited reports from the Kuwaiti daily al-Jarida about the Iranian initiative to allegedly build a missile manufacturing facility for Hezbollah on Lebanese soil, as well as the Iranian effort to create a navy port in Latakia, Syria, join the construction of Iranian infrastructure aimed at reinforcing Tehran and deepening its hold on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

According to the author, Iran’s naval activity reveal that it is has a ‘considerable interest in establishing home ports outside its borders.’ The bottom line is that Iran is here to stay, and despite the warnings-‘it’s all business as usual,’ Rabi concluded.

Source: Ynet

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