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Islamic Revolution has Created Axes of Resistance, Islamic Awakening, and Liberating

Islamic Revolution – The head of Islamic supreme council of Iraq in the opening of 6th General Assembly of the Ahlul Bayt World Assembly and Imam Sajjad International Conference stated that this meeting is held while the world is in the especial situation and the current world conditions necessitate organization of such meeting.

He also added: “Imperialistic countries do not have the ability to stand against the developing countries as we observed in the nuclear agreement. The international communications in the region have changed and the activities of the terrorist movements have increased. The Islamic Republic of Iran has a strategic situation in the region and this country connects different areas of the world to each other.”

“Today there is an appropriate position and historical opportunity for the Shiites of Ahlul Bayt in the world which is the result of centuries of Shiites’ efforts. This historical opportunity is the fruit of Islamic republic of Iran by the leadership of Imam Khomeini (RA), and the Supreme Leader,” he stressed.

The Head of Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq mentioned the Islamic revolution and said: “This revolution talks about the battle between the arrogant powers and the oppressed which shows the two sides in the world and weakened the arrogant powers. The Islamic Revolution has supported the oppressed people of the world and has created the three axes of Resistance, Islamic Awakening, and liberating movements in the world.

He also pointed that the Shiites must communicate with the other Muslims and must prepare the economic basis to strengthen the Shiites and it is necessary to utilize all the facilities to achieve the above mentioned purpose. Palestine is the central issue for the Muslims and the first priority in any condition.

Source: Abna

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