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ISIS sold 100 Syrian women in a nearby market to Fallujah mosque

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The Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights announced on Thursday that ISIS terrorist organization sold about 100 women carrying Syrian nationality as slaves in a market in Fallujah, in Anbar province west of the country.

The ministry said in a statement that “ISIS criminals has killed two young men and a child aged nine years with their mother in al-Askari district from Hawija district as execution was by a firing squad.”

The statement added that “ISIS executed in the same neighborhood two other young men and kidnapped two women on Sunday were trying to flee from Hawija which confirms the desire of those gangs to use citizens in such areas as human shields.”

According to the statement “ISIS gangs has set up in Fallujah city a market for salves and sexual slavery as brought about a hundred Syrian women in a nearby market to Fallujah Mosque, which opens daily after Iftar and made the sale at prices ranging from (500) to (2000 ) dollars under the pretext of Jihad marriage. “

The statement added that ” ISIS terrorists created a contest for people who memorizes Quran and win the first three ranks as identified Awards by giving the winners salves as a way to mislead citizens and this competition was issued from the state of Baraka in Syria.”

Source: ShafaqNews

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