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Is Tunisia Following the Steps of Egypt?

Local Editor

As tensions rose in Egypt after the army overthrew President Mohammad Mursi, protests have emerged in Tunisia, where a group has gathered 200,000 signatures in opposition to the government and plans to take to the streets.

The spokesman of Tunisia’s movement Tamarod, Arabic for rebellion, Mohamed Bennour presented on Wednesday, in an interview broadcast on radio Mosaique FM, the main objectives of this movement.

“Tunisia’s Tamarod seeks to dissolve the National Constituent Assembly which has lost its legitimacy”, he said, “It also aspires to scrapping the hijacked constitution”. Bennour noted that political Islam is totally doomed, in reference to the ruling Islamist party Ennahda.

He said, “The movement is calling for the formation of a commission of legal experts who will be entrusted with the drafting of a new constitution that guarantees rights and freedoms for all Tunisians”.

However, Prime Minister Ali Larayedh of the Islamist-led government in Tunis had said that a situation like the one unfolding in Egypt is unlikely to happen in Tunisia.

“Our approach is characterized by consensus and partnership”, said Larayedh, who is also a senior leader of the Ennahda party.

“The possibility of an Egypt scenario is unlikely in Tunisia because I have great confidence in the awareness of Tunisians and their ability to measure the potential of their country”, Larayedh said in an interview on France 24.

Source: Al Manar

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