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IRGC strikes terrorists’ bases on Iran-Iraqi Kurdistan borders

Mehr News Agency –  The Public Relations Department of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) announced in a statement on Friday that the forces have struck terrorist bases on the shared borders with Iraqi Kurdistan, killing and wounding a large number of terrorists.

Irgc“In retaliation to the recent terrorist acts in northwest and west of Iran, and after Iran’s prior warnings to Iraqi Kurdistan officials to prevent terrorists from using its soil to carry out terrorist and anti-security acts against Iran, and KRG’s negligence in this regard, IRGC began targeting terrorist sites and their training camps on the shared borders with Iraqi Kurdistan as of Wednesday,” the IRGC statement said.

During the operation, which was carried out by IRGC ground forces’ missile, drone and artillery units, the terrorists’ active bases were struck, and a large number of terrorists were killed and wounded, the statement adds, noting that further details about the operation will be later disclosed to the public.

“Iraqi Kurdistan is expected to take Iran’s warnings seriously and not allow terrorists to use its territory as a shelter to train, organize and engender Iran’s sustainable security by carrying out terrorist attacks,” the statement adds, stressing that IRGC will not act upon border considerations and will respond harshly to any aggression against Iran’s security.

In its Thursday statement, IRGC Najaf Ashraf Base said that a terrorist team that were trying to infiltrate in the country from the western borders were disbanded by their forces. A terrorist team that were seeking to cross the border and infiltrate in the country in Javanrood region, Kermanshah province were dismantled by their forces, it said.

The statement also added that terrorists were trying to carry out acts of sabotage and terror inside the country. The IRGC Najaf Ashraf Base added that a considerable deal of weapons, ammunition and military equipment were confiscated from the terror team by their forces. The statement added that an IRGC member by the name of Mohammad Khan Soleimani Nasab was martyred during the operation.

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