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IRGC ready to help Rohingya Muslims

Mehr News – IRGC (Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps) considers supporting the oppressed Myanmar Muslims historic and inevitable responsibility of all nations.

“The horable crimes of extremist Buddhist groups and the Myanmar army against Rohingya Muslims which has entered a new phase since last week has created a suffering situation for Muslims.”, IRGC said in an statement,”all ongoing developments suggest an organized anti-Islamic plot that, if not stopped, will result in another major genocide in the history of mankind,” IRGC said in a statement.

“The ineffective global reactions to the genocide of Rohingya Muslims and the deadly silence of the international human rights organizations and the lack of consensus and a powerful front to confront the perpetrators of such crimes are a huge humanitarian crisis today,” it said.

Denouncing the duplicity of the so-called advocates of human rights in the face of painful developments in various parts of the world, IRGC statement reads their contradictory acts  meaningful.

The IRGC further said “the displacement of over 100,000 people and the carnage of at least 400 oppressed and defenseless Myanmar Muslims have sparked the outrage of the Muslim world and increased the responsibility of the Myanmar government in the face of this tragic incident.”

The IRGC said it considers supporting the oppressed Myanmar Muslims and drawing the world attention to their sufferings as the historic and inevitable responsibility of all nations and communities.

Iranian government is also expected to activate the revolutionary diplomatic means and use the capacities and will of the international community and other Muslim countries to rescue the Rohingya mostly Sunni Muslims by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.

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