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Iran’s Position On Terrorist Groups based in the Iraqi Kurdistan

  1. For years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been the target of terrorist groups based in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. Recently, they have intensified their activities through the illicit transfer of a large number of weapons into Iran to arm their affiliates aimed at conducting terrorist operations, which, to date, have resulted in a large number of casualties among civilians, vandalism and damaging public and private properties.
  2. While reiterating the responsibility of the Iraqi Government to maintain effective control over its entire territory and internationally recognized borders, the Islamic Republic of Iran has shared irrefutable evidence and credible information with the Iraqi Government and the authorities of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region about terrorist groups utilizing Iraqi territory to plan, support, organize and carry out terrorist and subversive acts against Iran.
  3. During several rounds of bilateral consultations and dialogue with the Iraqi officials and the authorities of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, including during the visit to Tehran, on 25 October 2022, by the advisor for Iraqi National Security, Iran has requested the extradition of those who have committed terrorist crimes and been convicted by the Iranian courts, as well as closing of the headquarters and training camps of such terrorist groups and disarming their elements. Iran has also emphasized the need for stationing of the Iraqi military forces on the borders. The Iraqi delegation agreed to the requests and also committed to develop a timeframe for completing the disarmament of such terrorist groups within 10 days.
  4. To date, however, unfortunately no effective measure to fulfil such agreements have been adopted. Yet, Iran has persistently expressed its full readiness to implement the aforesaid agreements but to no avail.
  5. Under such circumstances, and to protect its national security and to defend its people, Iran had no option other than to exercise its inherent right to self-defence, and accordingly, has recently launched a necessary and proportionate military operation against the bases of terrorist groups in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, precisely targeting only the terrorist locations.
  1. Determined to continue its fight against terrorism, Iran is committed to address this issue with Iraq through bilateral mechanisms. In their recent talks, the Foreign Ministers of the two countries underscored the need to combat terrorism, and the importance of bilateral cooperation to address the challenges presented by terrorist groups.
  2. The Islamic Republic of Iran values highly the security and stability of Iraq and reiterates its commitment to respect the territorial integrity, unity, and sovereignty of the Republic of Iraq.
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