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Iran. Zarif: Leader’s Nuclear Decisions Will Be Applicable Once Made

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Iranian Foreign minister Javad Zarif said on Wednesday that the decisions of the Supreme Leader regarding the nuclear file will be applicable upon making them, Mehr news agency reported.

“I hope atmosphere in our foreign policy is conducive to incorporate the elite opinions, as these opinions matter in explanation of foreign policy,” said Zarif at the national conference of officials Leader’s Representing Body in Universities and University Lecturers Seminar in University of Tehran.

“We should not be mere consumers; I believe that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s power hinges upon this claim; that is, we developed self-confidence in a way as to stand against US, and to say that we would not copy their models,” he added.

On Iran’s power, Zarif indicated that “when we say Iran is powerful, it is not for its military capabilities; however military capability is important; but it is due to the blood of the Martyrs and the Leadership, which provides the basis for our power.”

Asked whether the Leader was aware of the process of negotiations, Zarif told that he would not spend from the Leader’s prestige and credit, but that “the Leader’s decision are applicable immediately upon making, even if it is to abandon the negotiations.”

“The leader gives the overall framework, and the responsibility lies with me. He kindly expressed magnanimity toward me and I appreciate his generosity. But I answer the question that we should spend from ourselves for the system and the Leader, not the other way round,” Zarif asserted.

“Some believed that I was not qualified for the job, but I would say them that for 20 years, I have been teaching international security and have mastery over US security literature,” Zarif added, and that “they would not fear our military capability but they do fear our people, since we would rebuild the military if they destroyed.”

“This is very important, since if we do not understand our basis for power and government, we would add to the enemy’s power, and the Revolutionary rituals are based on this reality as well,’ he concluded.

Source: Al Manar

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