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Iran Warns US of Dire Consequences if Red Line Crossed on Syria

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Deputy Chairman of Iranian Armed Forces’ Chief of Staff Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri warned the United States on Sunday of ‘dire consequences’ if red line crossed on Syria over claims of chemical attacks.

“If the United States crosses this red line, there will be harsh consequences for the White House”, Jazayeri was quoted as saying.

A year ago US President Barack Obama warned the use ofchemical weapons in Syria would cross a “red line” and have “enormous consequences”. On Sunday, his Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the US military was ready to take action against Syria.

“President Obama has asked the Defense Department to prepare options for all contingencies. We have done that”, Hagel told reporters in Malaysia. “Again, we are prepared to exercise whatever option, if he decides to employ one of those options”, he said, a day after Obama held a rare meeting his top aides and brass to discuss Syria.

But the Iranian military leader warned Washington, its Western allies and Israel against playing with “fire”. “The terrorist war underway in Syria was planned by the United States and reactionary countries in the region against the resistance front (against Israel)”, Fars news agency quoted Jazayeri as saying.

“Despite this, the government and people of Syria have achieved huge successes. “Those who add fire to the oil will not escape the vengeance of the people”, added Jazayeri.

Source: Al Manar

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