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Iran, Venezuela sign comprehensive 20-year coop. document

Mehr New Agency – Iranian President termed Tehran-Caracas relations ‘strategic’, saying that the signing of the 20-year cooperation document between Iran and Venezuela shows the will of the two countries’ officials to develop mutual relations.

Speaking in a joint press conference with his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolás Maduro who arrived in Tehran on Friday afternoon at the head of a high-level political and economic delegation, President Ebrahim Raeisi said, “The foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been based on relations with friendly and neighboring countries and we have always had good cooperation with Venezuela in this field.”

Referring to the sanctions imposed on Iran during the past 41 years since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he added that the Iranian nation has tried to use these sanctions as an opportunity to fulfill its demands.

When the White House spokesman announces that their policies have failed miserably, it shows that Iran gained a victory [against the US policy], Raeisi said. “Venezuela has gone through difficult years, but the will of the Venezuelan people and the president himself has been to resist sanctions.”

The President called the relations between Tehran and Caracas strategic, saying, “Our fraternal relations will continue and the signing of the 20-year cooperation document between the two countries is a manifestation of the will of the high officials of the two countries to develop mutual relations.”

The presidents of Iran and Venezuela signed a comprehensive 20-year strategic cooperation document between the two countries in the fields of politics, culture, tourism, economy, oil and petrochemicals on Saturday in the Saadabad complex.

“Under the current administration, some cooperation in the field of energy, thermal power plants and the supply of [fuel of] refineries in Venezuela and the export of technical and engineering services and relations in the fields of economy, defense, military and agriculture have been carried out which show that there are many potentials in Venezuela and Iran to continue cooperation,” Raeisi continued. 

“The start of the Tehran-Caracas flight provides a good basis for cooperation between the two countries, which can strengthen trade relations between Iran and Venezuela,” the Iranian President noted. 

He also expressed hope that the visit of the President of Venezuela will be a turning point in improving relations between the two countries.

The Venezuelan president, for his part, lauded the 20-year partnership agreement between Tehran and Caracas, saying the two sides will be able to expand their bilateral relationship by consolidating their ties and drawing a clear vision in the next two decades.

“We will use the historical experiences of Iran and put technology at the focal point of this cooperation agreement,” Maduro said. “We are witnessing different areas of cooperation between the two countries in the fields of energy, oil, gas, refineries and petrochemicals, and in the field of financing through the Iran-Venezuela Relations Development Bank, as well as in the field of defense, through strengthening relations.”

The Venezuelan president also confirmed the launch of direct flights from Caracas to Tehran and vice versa in the near future, saying that the measure will be important in the development of tourism.

“The youths of Iran and Venezuela must know that the world of the future is a world of equality and justice. We stand against imperialism, and together we must build the future,” Maduro added

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