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Iran: US Must Not Turn Blind Eye to Great Danger of Terror

Local Editor

Iran’s Foreign Ministry said that international community including the United States should pay attention to the great danger of terror.

The ministry spokesman Marziyeh Afkham slammed the US for remaining tight-lipped in the face of crimes committed at the hands of Takfiri militants in the region.

Not only is Washington doing nothing to stop the atrocities committed by these militants, but it also “seeks to create legal and legitimate grounds” for their crimes, she said.

“Terrorism and extremism are threatening the world, and the international community including US officials should not repeat their past mistakes by turning a blind eye to this great danger,” Afkham added.

Earlier, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani lashed out the world powers for their key role in the ongoing extremist activities and violence in the Middle East.

“The policies of the world powers during the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and the manner of dealing with the Syrian crisis have paved the way for the spread of extremist moves in the region and practically helped to the growth of such currents,” Larijani said in a meeting with Head of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Mexican Senate Gabriela Cuevas Barrón in Tehran.

Source: Al Manar

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