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Iran and US faceoff will decide future of region

Mehr News Agency – The Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei said Iran and US are currently in the middle of a major confrontation, the end result of which would decide the future of the Middle East region.

IranHe made the remarks while speaking at a national congress on Thursday, adding that after the US’ defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan, the only way for the country to return to its pre-WWII glory is to solve the Iranian issue in its own favor.

If the US is defeated in this battle [with Iran], it will leave the Middle East region completely, but if it wins the confrontation, “we won’t be even allowed into mosques, as Imam Khomeini would say,” maintained the official. “This is about the future,” he stressed, adding that the US’ economic war against Iran is also a battle for deciding the future of the region.

Rezaei maintained that Obama’s administration tried to prevent the spread of Iran’s regional influence by controlling the country’s nuclear case. He added that it is wrong to assume that if Trump was replaced with another president, the US’ attitude toward Iran would have changed.

He also called for keeping an eye on media bases in Saudi Arabia and the Israeli regime which are active in waging a propaganda war against Iran.

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