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Iran UN envoy: Nuclear deal will benefit everyone

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Dehqani made the remarks in an address to a UN General Assembly. Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Yukiya Amano was present in the session.

Referring to the growing need for energy across the globe and environmental threats posed to the world by fossil fuels, Dehqani underlined safety of nuclear power in the modern world.

Dehqani noted that based on IAEA Charter, the UN nuclear agency is responsible to help the member states develop nuclear capability for peaceful means.

He said that the rights of the signatory states to the Non-Proliferation Treaty to technical and economic development have to be respected.

The Iranian envoy rejected alleged military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program, saying that Iran has no weapons program.

He said that the allegations have been made without any acceptable evidence. However, he said that the Islamic Republic of Iran in light of the good faith will continue cooperation with the UN nuclear agency to remove any ambiguity about the nuclear program.

Dehqani made clear that as repeatedly stated by senior Iranian officials, areas associated with national security such as defensive capabilities will never be subject to negotiations at any level.

Source: http://www.irna.ir/

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