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Iran: Saudi regime spreading hate in ME

MNA – Bahram Ghasemi, the Spokesman of Iran’s Foreign Ministry reacted to the recent remarks made by Saudi regime Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir.

Takfiri“The justifications of Saudi FM for brutal attacking to Yemeni women, children, and civilians, considering two years of futile war and war crimes of Saudis against the defenseless people of Yemen, mark the underachievement and heavy defeat of them in face of concrete and restless will of the people of Yemen for advancing their national cause in the region,” said Bahram Ghasemi, the Spokesman of Iran’s Foreign Ministry. His remarks came after the latest remarks made by Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir.

Ghasemi affirmed that Jubeir’s claims “are to misrepresent and distort the undergoing realities of the region,” because according to the Iranian diplomat, “this is Saudi regime who has paved the way for the growth of terrorism in the region in the last years.” Ghasemi completely dismissed what he described as “insolent and irrelevant to truth” remarks of Jubeir.

“Continuous and constant projections of Jubeir will not erase the history of conception and spread of extremism, paving the ground for, and growing pervert schools in Saudi Arabia under the rule of Saudi House which resulted the interwoven network of hate in Western Asia and the North of Africa,” underlined the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “The unholy fruit of what they have done is the daily murder of countless innocent people whose belongings are looted and whose lands are burnt.”

Ghasemi articulated that Iran has always been bound to good neighborliness and improvement of relations with neighboring countries, as a top priority of the foreign relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He added, “we have taken numerous decent steps in the last years to normalize and improve ties with our neighbors and to us the main obstacle ahead of this cause is the overt and covert sabotages of Saudis who are after unsecure and destabilized region.”

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