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Iran, Saudi Arabia agree to resume ties

IRNA – Following the recent visit of President Ebrahim Raisi to China, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani traveled to Beijing on Monday (March 6) to launch an intensive negotiation with the Saudi delegation to settle issues between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

After several days of intensive negotiations between Shamkhani and Saudi Arabia’s national security adviser Musaid Al Aiban in Beijing, an agreement was reached on Friday aimed at resuming relations between the two countries.

In the meantime, a joint statement was issued by Iran, Saudi Arabia, and China in an official ceremony on Friday.

As per the joint statement reached by the three countries, Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to resume diplomatic relations within two months and reopen embassies and agencies in both countries.

The foreign ministers of the two countries are to hold talks aimed to carry out the decision and make the necessary arrangements for the exchange of ambassadors.

Stressing respect for sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of each other, the two countries agreed to implement the agreement on security cooperation signed on April 17, 2001, and the general agreement reached on May 27, 1998, aimed at fostering ties in economic, commercial, investment, technical, scientific, cultural, sports, and youth arenas.

The three countries also expressed firm resolve to make every effort to strengthen regional and international peace and security.

Iran and Saudi Arabia also appreciated Iraq and Oman for their efforts and for hosting the talks between the two sides in 2021 and 2022 and thanked the Chinese leadership and government for hosting and supporting this round of talks, the statement noted.

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