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Iran after restoring stability, security in terrorism-affected countries

Mehr News – Ali Shamkhani of the Supreme National Security Council in Iran condemned the recent terrorist act in Afghanistan and expressed sympathy with the families of the victims of the inhuman crime.

In a message to his Afghani counterpart cabled on Wednesday, Shamkhani strongly condemned the terrorist attacks on oppressed civilians in the Shia village of Mirza Olang in the northern Sar-e Pul Province of Afghanistan. He expressed his condolences to the government and people of Afghanistan and the bereaved families of the victims.

“With no doubt, the end of the agonizing acts by extremist groups affiliated to Takfiri thoughts will only be possible with serious determination, cooperation between neighboring countries and the true fight against terrorism,” Shamkhani noted.

Pointing to the development of insecurity and instability due to the presence of Western troops, especially the United States, in the region, Shamkhani said “the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken all means and capabilities to achieve collective security and to restore stability in the terrorism-affected countries and will continue to confront this dangerous threat by expanding regional cooperation, especially with the Afghan government.

Insurgents attacked a village in the northern Afghan province of Sar-e Pul, killing as many as 50 people, including women and children. Fighting has intensified this year across Afghanistan, with dozens of security incidents recorded every day. In the first half of the year 1,662 civilians were killed and 3,581 injured, according to United Nations figures.

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