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Iran to remain present in Syria

Mehr News Agency – SNSC Secretary Ali Shamkhani said Iran continue to offer advisory services to the Syrian government until complete elimination of all terrorist groups and regardless of Zionists’ baselss claims.

Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, a senior Aide of Iranian Leader, made the remarks while addressing a commemoration ceremony for 1870 martyrs of Kurdistan province who were assassinated following Islamic Revolution and during Sacred War against Saddam. The ceremony also coincided with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s 2013 proposal to the UN dubbed WAVE which is an acronym for ‘World against Violence and Extremism’, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly.

He said the large number of assassinated martyrs in Kurdistan province was an indication of their correct thinking, bravery and faith. Praising the invaluable status of the 1870 martyrs of Kurdistan after the Islamic Revolution and Imposed War, the official said “border provinces, especially Kurdistan, are an impenetrable barrier and an indelible fortress against hard and soft invasions of enemies.”

Touching upon characteristics of martyr commanders of the province, Shamkhani said they are emblems of intelligence and courage and called for introduction of these martyrs, their efforts and sacrifices in a bid to turn them into heroes for the younger generation of today.

SNSC secretary acknowledged great traits and characteristics of the people of Kurdistan, such as spirit, perseverance, hard work and patriotism adding “the deep love and attachment of the people of Kurdistan to their Iranian and Islamic identity has always thwarted the constant struggle of enemies at different times to cause split and insecurity inside the region.”

Referring to efforts of Western countries and the Zionist regime to create and stabilize insecurity inside the region and to disintegrate its countries, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said the conspiracy to isolate Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) from Iraq failed at its outset thanks to alertness of regional countries.

Shamkhani pointed to the 40-year history of the Islamic Revolution and the glorious passage of the Iranian nation through ups and downs and said solidarity, unity and sympathy of all Iranian ethnic groups will make it possible to overcome all plots and threats hatched by enemies.

He described Kurdistan as a land with vast capacities in various human, natural and transit fields; “through proper policy making and engaging public participation and real support from productive private sectors, existing potentials can be turned into various economic opportunities creating sustainable employment.”

Later into his remarks, the official referred to recent developments in the region and successive defeats of ISIL and its regional and international supporters. Shamkhani stressed that activation of new political and security capacities with participation of the region’s independent states while eliminating unprecedented threats of terrorist groups has formed a new chapter in regional participation.

Shamkhani, referring to handing over of thousands of prohibited mass destruction weapons by the US to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for committing crimes against Yemeni people, commented “media shows cannot wipe out the guilty hands of cruel aggressors who kill thousands of Yemeni women, children and elderly making them defenseless victims of their inhuman desires and goals.”

The senior Aide of Iranian Leader added that, at the official request of the Syrian government, Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to be present in and provide advisory services to Syria until complete destruction of all terrorist groups in the Arab country. “Claims of the Zionist regime or other countries have no effect on the firm decision of the Islamic Republic of Iran to pursue national interests and regional security.”

At the end of his remarks, Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani declared al-Quds as the eternal capital of Palestine and, in view of the brutal strategic mistake of White House and Zionists in recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital which in turn caused revival and unification of the Islamic world, he concluded that the issue of Palestine was the most major issue of the Islamic world and would lead to Muslims’ cooperation in the fight against and immediate elimination of the Zionist regime who kills innocent children.

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