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Iran: no deal left if US leaves JCPOA

Mehr News Agency – Iran’s Ambassador to the UK, Hamid Baeidinejad, told CNN that if the United States pulls out of the nuclear agreement, “it means that there is no deal left.” “The consequence would be that Iran would in fact be ready to go back to the previous situation,” Hamid Baeidinejad said in an interview with CNN on Wednesday. “It could be enriching uranium, it could be redefining our cooperation with the agency [IAEA], and some other activities that are under consideration,” he added.

IranTrump will decide on May 12 to whether extend waivers of economic sanctions on Iran, a US commitment under the nuclear agreement. The deadline looms over the fate of the JCPOA against the backdrop of Washington’s threats to pull out or ‘renegotiate’ the agreement.

Baeidinejad told CNN that it is “totally unacceptable” for the deal’s implementation to be conditional on new agreements”. JCPOA was negotiated on its own merits, and still it’s working and it should be continued to be enforced.”

Reacting to the accusations raised by Netanyahu on Iran’s nuclear activities, the ambassador pointed to the IAEA’s own investigations. “There have been some allegations against conducting of such activities in Iran, but never was there ever any proof presented to Iran,” he said. “The board of governors of IAEA closed this file permanently. So that was based on the realities on the ground.”

The European sides to the deal have been meeting up with Trump in an attempt to convince the US president to remain committed to the nuclear deal. Baeidinejad accused those countries of simply appeasing Trump and “giving him more concessions.” “The reality is” that they have not been able to convince the American President, he said. “We should be very clear to the United States that we have a deal, that we want to stay in the deal, and this deal should be effectively implemented,” he added.

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