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Iran: Mossad, CIA behind recent riots

Mehr News Agency – Iran: Prosecutor General Mohammad Jaafar Montazeri believed that Saudi funds have been used by CIA and Mossad to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere within Iranian borderlines.

“The stature and status of our beloved nation is much higher than being put in the same category with rioters and we have to distinguish between those who have legitimate demands and those who are seeking anarchy,” said Iran’s Prosecutor General Mohammad Jaafar Montazeri. He made the remarks on Tuesday after reiterating that the judiciary system of the country will meticulously trial and punish those who are seeking riots.

“Behind these riots and anarchies are fierce enemies who have repeatedly received blows from the Islamic Establishment since the time of the Islamic Revolution and have asserted in many occasions that they are after taking revenge from the great nation of Iran, the Islamic Revolution, and the country,” he said, referring to the footprint of anti-revolutionary agents in the recent riots in some major cities of Iran.

“Assuredly our nation has got the required shrewdness to reach the appropriate conclusion that this movement is totally rooted in foreign plots,” he noted. “The enemies are using the dollars allocated by Saudis who clearly expressed their wish to destabilize inside Iran to take revenge of the blows they have conceded from Iran,” Mr. Montazeri added. He articulated that there are clues proving the role of CIA and Mossad in recent riots.

“A bunch of scavengers and vultures who were waiting for an unrest to take advantage of the disgusting corpse of these riots were completely recognized by Iranian intelligence and security agents,” asserted the Iranian judiciary official.

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