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Iran: ISIL militants sponsored by Saudi petrodollars

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A high-ranking Iranian military commander says Saudi Arabia through its petrodollars has financed the rise of terrorist and Takfiri militant groups, including ISIL, in the Middle East.

“Saudi Arabia is the founder and promoter of Wahhabi terrorist-Takfiri groups such as ISIL, and has spent windfall petrodollars on bolstering these groups,” Iran’s Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Hassan Firouzabadi said on Wednesday.

He further noted that once the ISIL threat was exposed to the global community, Washington and ISIL sponsors in a sham and tactical move forged an alliance against the militant group, but in actual fact are still supplying arms and munitions to the terrorists.

“By increasing its oil production, Saudi Arabia gave assurances to the United States and the West, which represent the world supercapitalists, that they would not face any fuel shortage. Additionally, it exerted a financial burden on the anti-terrorist countries of the region fighting against ISIL through the decline in oil prices and subsequent drop in revenues,” Major General Firouzabadi pointed out.

Firouzabadi said regional countries have suffered 500 billion dollars in losses while Western states which had been grappling with financial crises have been gifted 300 billion dollars as a result of the Saudi regime’s actions.

The senior Iranian military commander, however, stated that world nations are now well aware of the hypocrisies of the US and Western statesmen, and such conspiracies cannot prevent the power erosion of the United States, Britain and their allies.

The US and Western nations, through resistance against representatives of capitalism, have moved to dispel the myth of the grandeur of domineering western powers, he said.

The ISIL militants, who have seized swathes of land in Iraq and neighboring Syria, have been carrying out horrific acts of violence, including public decapitations and crucifixions, against all communities such as Shias, Sunnis, Kurds and Christians, in both Arab states.

Source: Press Tv

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