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Iran to have different options if US withdraws from JCPOA

Mehr News Agency – A top adviser to Iran Leader says that in case the Unites States quits the nuclear deal or continues to violate it, Iran will have different options as it as always acts independently.

Ali Akbar Velayati made the remarks on the sidelines of a meeting with the head of Russian Valdai Discussion Club Sergey Kirienko in Tehran on Sunday afternoon. “Our options are not limited and all options are on the table,” he said, adding “in the international arena, there are few countries that have acted independently as much as Iran and the situation will remain the same in the future, as well.”

In response to a question regarding banking relations and using national currencies in trade relations between Iran and Russia, Velayati said that issue needed to be discussed between financial experts, adding that he was not an expert on that, stressing that using national currencies in trade relations was one of the best solutions.

“The more economic relations between the two countries use national currencies of the two sides, the more we will reduce our vulnerability to US Dollar exchange rate fluctuations,” he stressed. The senior advisor to Iran’s Leader added that Iran and Russia relations have been growing on the basis of mutual respect during the past decade.

He continued “Iran and Russia cooperate with each other as two independent countries and do not interfere in each other’s internal affairs,” adding that cooperation in Syria was a good example of that bilateral cooperation.

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