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International Quds Day; A Decisive Day for the World of Islam

On the day that the last Friday of Ramadan was announced as International Quds Day, the conditions of time and place imply that the future would be for Al-Quds. This city has turned into an
address that the resistance resort to whenever he wanders from the road. The city has become a
standard for falsehood and right.

Today we see the intensity of serious action for liberating Al-Quds, which gives all those looking to
this day strength, determination, and ability. Indeed, it is the spirit of Al-Quds and the power of Al-
Quds that prepare the condition for this force and might that we see today along the Axis of

Contrary to what many people think, the disclaimer of the Palestinian cause does not mean the end
of the issue, but it is a different beginning towards another horizon. They did not offer anything to
the case except conspiracy night and day. The truth is that the Palestinian struggle has got rid of the
false support for the Palestinian people; in order for the latter to know the distinction between the
camp of truth and the camp of falsehood.

The future of the Palestinian “Israeli” conflict is heading towards a historic decisiveness. All
indications suggest the historic defeat of the occupation entity, and I will limit here to three
elements that represent the essence of the conflict, and therefore, Israel cannot live so much:
First: “Israel” is not a historical fact, rather it is just a false answer to a question that was posed to
Europe, not to the Arab and Islamic world, since the fall of the “Khazaria state” in the Caspian Sea,
and the rise of “Jewish trade”, the West has been living what has become known as the “Jewish
question”, which constituted a historical dilemma for most European countries. This issue posed a
historical impasse. In order to get rid of this historical problem, the European countries searched for
many solutions, and Zionism was part of the proposed solutions.

The idea of an alternative homeland came as an answer to a question that was posed to Europe. This
answer does not matter to the countries in which the entity was planted, as it will definitely end
because it is not a real answer. This is only a way to get rid of an element that was considered a
haunting factor in the social and economic and political life in the West, as it cannot stand up to the
confrontation of the landowners.

Second: There is an obstacle in history and geography that confirms the inability of “Israel” to
survive in this land. It can be said that geopolitics is currently a catalyst for the rise of the star of the
usurper entity, but “Israel” remains a non-state natural, because it is like the advanced case of the
invisible “Khazaria” state, which is the United States of America, and since it is only a functional tool,
its end is linked to the end of the job or the retreat of the employer.

History and geography reject this existence. History is condensed with religious and spiritual
symbols, which reject this material existence, which is an occupation under the title of “historical
right”, and a big difference between a historical right and a false right. Therefore, the symbols cannot meet with all this intensity and it is illogical that the meeting takes place between contradictory symbols: Symbols of human tolerance, historical violence, and the desire for revenge that those coming from far horizons carry against the history of the region.

As for geography, it is impossible to gather two extremes in a very small geographical area, as it
cannot accommodate the existence of two states, and therefore one of the two states will survive
and endure.

Third: The rise of the Axis of Resistance, as it moves towards ability in the horizon of the moment of
historical decisiveness. “Israel” was an indomitable state with a powerful army in the region and
occupies the Arab countries whenever it wants, but today it counts a thousand accounts for
whatever step it takes. Despite the enemy’s possession of power, however, there is an important
element that distinguishes resistance from occupation. Resistance is a plant that does not need any
external condition in order to survive, but the occupation is a strange plant and in order to survive, it
is in need of someone who waters it and takes care of it, and if the care process ends, it dies.

Finally, victory over the enemy remains not only a historical inevitability but a divine promise, and
the victories of the resistance are the practical verification of Imam Khomeini’s vision, when he
declared the last Friday of Ramadan as International Quds Day. This day is not only symbolic, but it is
a way to prepare for a decisive confrontation. The end of “Israel” may come at a lower cost than the
resistance fighters expect.

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