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Imam Khamenei: Takfirists Formed to Fight Islamic Nation

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Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, assured as he received the Sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said, and the delegation accompanying him, that the main reason the region was passing through this sensitive period was foreign intervention.

His eminence stressed the importance of reinforcing coordination between Tehran and Muscat, especially during this period, indicating that one of the most dangerous issues the region was facing was “involving religion and sectarianism in the political differences”.

Al-Alam further quoted Imam Khamenei as saying on Monday: “Unfortunately, and under the support of regional countries, Takfiri groups were formed to fight the Islamic nation; but the protectors of these groups must be aware that this fire of sedition will harm them too”.

The leader of the Islamic Republic further emphasized that “the Zionist entity, which has unlimited support from the US, is also a continuous threat to the region”.

“The corrupt Zionist entity, and because it acquires a huge arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, is considered a dangerous and serious threat to the region”, he added.

In this context, Imam Khamenei pointed out that “the region must establish full security… and this goal would only be achieved if a real prohibition to the weapons of mass destruction was announced”.

For his part, Sultan Qaboos bin Said welcomed the “excellent relations between Iran and Oman,” and stated that “we have discussed in our meeting with the Iranian president the ways of bracing and enhancing cooperation between the two countries on various levels”.

Moreover, the Sultan of Oman expressed his support to the Iranian leader’s statement on the current regional situation, and the Zionist threats in specific, indicating that “getting out of the current situation requires taking into consideration the benefits of the people of the region and cooperation among its countries”.

Source: Al Manar

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