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Imam Khamenei: Iran Election Has Become Major Global Case

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Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei considered that the Iranian election has grabbed high attention and has become an important global case, and clarified that decision-making countries in the world are following it up and drawing plans and goals accordingly.

Imam Khamenei received on Wednesday people from different Iranian provinces, and assured in a statement he made that “Iranian people’s goal is to elect the most qualified person to move the country forward in a pace similar to the current one or even faster, to raise the honor of the people, reinforce the independence of the country, improve the living of citizens, solve problems, and spread hope, enthusiasm, and spirit in the country”.

He further stressed that a wide participation in the elections would brace security against the enemies’ schemes.

On another hand, his eminence emphasized that the Guardian Council must work upon its responsibilities and have the right qualifications, pointing out that another goal for the Iranian people from this election was to have a wide election filled with enthusiasm.

In parallel, Imam Khamenei stressed that the main standard for electing a president was by “choosing someone who’s central concern is to safeguard the country’s glory and its movement on the path of the (Islamic) revolution”.

“People must pay attention to the slogans raised by candidates in their electoral campaigns, as some of them are making slogans incongruous with their authorities”, he added.

Source: Al-Manar

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