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How US takes advantage of terrorism for purpose of its hegemony!

AhlulBayt News Agency – On September 11, 2001, an unbelievable and astonishing event occurred, bringing about major changes in the world’s economy, particularly in the politics and governance of the West Asian region. At that time, in the days and months after 9/11, many political observers saw the al-Qaeda terror attacks on the Twin Towers, that were directed by Osama bin Laden, as an instantaneous and historic excuse needed to advance US strategy by neoconservatives of America, led by George W. Bush.

At the time the hypothesis was raised that 9/11 was a fabricated incident controlled by US security agencies to globally advance US foreign policy. There were many arguments in this regard from the time of the incident, the nature of it, and the people involved in the case. Many doubts were taken into consideration. Undoubtedly, despite this historic incident happening 19 years ago, to this day the 9/11 attack on the twin towers of the WTC in New York still remains a big mystery.

Meanwhile, the US government does not speak much of the event. In order to answer the ambiguities, new dimensions of the story emerge from time to time, creating doubts concerning the reality of the case.

Doubts of a Fictitious Operation on the Bin Laden Case

On May 2, 2011, one of the most important events that attracted the global spotlight was the news of the murder of Osama bin Laden (the leader of al-Qaeda terrorist organization) in Pakistan. At the time, the White House claimed that bin Laden had been killed and his body was thrown into the ocean. Many political and media observers raised doubts about the killing of the al-Qaeda leader. But later in 2015, National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden made a controversial statement about the alleged assassination of former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

In September 2015, Snowden, as a fugitive contractor of the US National Security Agency whose revelations about Washington’s espionage methods of international communications and their eavesdropping on conversations of European leaders, which extremely troubled the White House, told the Moscow Tribune that bin Laden is still alive and lives in the Bahamas and remains on the CIA payroll. I have documents that show bin Laden is still on the CIA payroll and that $ 100,000 a month is paid to him through organizations and businesses sent directly to an account that has been setup in the Bank of the Bahamas located in Nassau. I’m not exactly sure where bin Laden lives right now, but in 2013 he secretly lived in a villa in the Bahamas accompanied by five wives and several of his children.

The remarks have raised doubts about bin Laden’s murder. The question is asked that whether he was actually killed or is he still alive as a former CIA operative. Regardless of the fact that bin Laden’s assassination hypothesis is in line with reality or not, the significant matter is that he was trained by and was a member of the US intelligence agency. It is significantly important to note that exactly how such a complex attack can be executed. When the person accused has been trained by the Americans for years with the most advanced security and military equipment, would at some point leave for Afghanistan, and remarkably this same person would become anti-American and manage one of the most sophisticated suicidal operations known to mankind. More surprisingly is that, it is assumed he directed it all from within Afghanistan!

ISIS and the Continuation of the Terrorist Project

In addition to the mysterious phenomenon of Osama bin Laden’s assassination, another notable occurrence is that in 2006, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, born Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri al-Samarrai, was released from Abu Quraib prison and in a short period of time became the leader of the Iraqi branch of al-Qaeda’s terrorist organization. He later went by the name Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and created the most gruesome terrorist organization ever known to the history of mankind. In 2013, he managed to stir up the military situation in Syria and Iraq to his advantage and later declared ISIS’s self-proclaimed caliphate.

But the remarkable thing is that at the height of al-Baghdadi’s power, when his militants had advanced up to 10 kilometers from Baghdad, the Americans were not willing to launch an aerial attack for the sake of the elimination of al-Baghdadi. The point now is that after the rise of ISIS, the most important event that should be considered as a priority for the West Asian region regarding significant increase in the level of national security is the Israeli regime. Yet again, on October 27, 2019, the US government claimed to have killed the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as part of a complex operation executed in northern Syria, just like the bin Laden story.

The US tried to close al-Baghdadi’s case without releasing any footage to show the veracity of the claim, being very similar to the bin Laden scenario. At this point, many raised doubts about the story of the killing. For example, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Director Sergei Naryshkin, told Russian News Agency TASS, that the country does not have any solid information that could confirm the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the ISIS terrorist group in Syria.

In response to a question, the senior Russian official said: “We don’t have any evidence that could be enough to confirm al-Baghdadi’s death, let alone genetic samples.”

This whole process verifies that the scenario of terrorism is still ongoing. We will have to wait and see from which part of the World another terrorist such as bin Laden or Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi will once again emerge.

In fact, al-Qaeda and ISIS can be considered as the two main characters in directing the order demanded by the Americans in the international system, which accordingly both groups happen to have a fundamental similarity when compared. The resemblance is based on the fact that a terrorist group appears at a certain time in a specific region of the world, and then this group is considered as a threat to the international system, especially the United States, and finally Washington with the help of its military chariot comes to the war on terror and takes control of affairs as a savior. But the more significant point is that the assassination of the leaders of both groups is presumed without showing any reliable, solid evidence. On this basis, the great lie of 9/11 can be evaluated in the form of two phenomena, assessing the assassinations of the leaders of al-Qaeda and ISIS.

After evaluating such incidents, it becomes clear that America has been the main supporter of terrorism on a global scale, and that Washington uses terrorism as an excuse to implement its preferred strategy on a worldwide level.

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