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Hollywood Has Waged a Full-Scale Cultural War Against Iran, Professor Michael Jones

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Professor Michael Jones, in a session held in Youth Foundation of Astan Quds Razavi, spoke about the American cultural war against Iran.

The Hollywood critic by pointing at the Hollywood’s anti-Iranian movies said that: Over the past years movies like “Rose Water” “Argo” and “300” were among the anti-Iranian movies made in Hollywood.

“Hollywood is trying to wage a full-scale cultural war against Iran using different methods and means”Professor Michael Jones said.

Pointing at the history of American cultural war against Iran he said: Overthrow of Mossadegh, the deposition of Pahlavi as king and promotion of Western culture are among the many instances of American cultural War Against Iran.

The Editor of Cultural Wars magazine, Michael Jones said that: by Conquest of the American Spy Den in 1979, psychological and cultural war against Iran was followed seriously.

The media analyst called the formation of Iranian Green Movement to revoke the election of 2009 bypsychological warfare and the NGOs as one of America’s most important cultural wars against Iran.

He then added that the movie “ Rose Water” had been written by Maziar Bahari in 2009 who had traveled to Iran as a journalist and it was produced and directed by a Jew.

“The goal in making this movie was to poison the American public against Iran and added that: the movies “Rose Water” and “Argo” were made at the time when the U.S. and Iran were negotiating” he said.

“In the movie “Rose Water” the Iranian people have been divided into two groups of good and evil. The evil ones are the supporters of Islamic Republic of Iran while the supporters of Western culture symbolize goodness” he said.

He then said that in the current year Iran and the U.S have come to some agreement on the nuclear talks but the Zionists have tried to dim this agreement with the influence they have on media.

“The demagoguery in the American movies against Iran has paved the way for claiming that Iran is not trustworthy and no agreement is acceptable”

“Until now no people had more influence in the U.S than the Jews. They control the country by controlling America’s discourse. He called movie industry as one of the most important industries which is controlled by the Jews since the very beginning” he said.

Pointing at the history of the emergence of nudity, homosexuality and immorality in Hollywood he said: Protestants and Catholics tried to stop this trend and purge the industry but they failed against the Jewish conspiracy. The Jews, by the excuse of holocaust, used nudity at first. The church remained silent against this immoral action and they failed against the Jewish cultural war.

Pointing out the number of Jews in Hollywood he said that 95% of people active in Hollywood are Jews and Hollywood is a practice field for anti-cultural and anti-social activities.

This immorality in the movies is the Jewish weapon in cultural war, he said. The immorality has blinded people and deprives them of thinking abilities.

Source: ABNA

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