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Hizbullah slams Pakistan, Iraq explosions

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Condemning the terrorist attacks that took place in Pakistan and Iraq recently, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

Terrorists continue to commit dreadful massacres in Iraq and Pakistan, where these criminal groups Detonated a ton of explosives in a local market in Quetta, Pakistan, resulting in hundreds of Martyrs and injuries, and Detonated 8 booby-trapped cars in several Iraqi areas that led to over 140 deaths and injuries. The repetition of massacres and mass Slaughtering to innocent civilians obliges the whole international community to raise their voice, condemn these Takfiri murderers, and expose their supporters. It also imposes authorities in charge and honorable forces in both countries to isolate and unite against these criminals, and exert all efforts to prosecute them. Henceforth, Hizbullah Censures these mobile crimes in both dear countries, and calls on their peoples for further patience and harmony, in order to prevent the nation’s enemies to plant the seed of secession, chaos, and mayhem in our Arab and Islamic countries. Hizbullah further Supplicates the Great Allah to have mercy upon the Martyrs, Dearly offers its Condolences to their families, and wishes the injured to heal soon.

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