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Hizbullah on KSA’s Position to Suspend Financial Aid to LA: Part of Terrorism Policy

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Hizbullah issued on Friday a statement in it which it confirmed that the Saudi decision to suspend the financial aid to the army and security forces did not surprise anyone at all in Lebanon.

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It further added that the relevant officials in the government, the competent ministries, the military departments as well as the security forces were fully informed that this decision was taken long ago.

This was taken since the start of the current rule in Saudi Arabia. It was widely circulated and echoed several times in many local and international media.

Meanwhile, the statement noted that the entire world, especially the Lebanese and the local and global financial institutions, know very well that Saudi Arabia is suffering from a severe financial crisis due to the hefty expenditure on its evil aggression against brotherly Yemen, and also due to the conspiracy of drop in oil prices in the global market, which Saudi Arabia itself has orchestrated.

This financial crisis has led to unprecedented austerity measures inside Saudi Arabia and the deactivation of financial commitments with many international companies. It also resulted in canceling many of the contracts and agreements, including the supposed funding to support the Lebanese Army.

Holding Hizbullah responsible for the Saudi decision because of its political and media stances in support for brotherly Yemen, Bahrain’s aggrieved people and other peoples reeling under the fire of Saudi terrorism, as well as to the Lebanese Foreign Ministry is a failed attempt in the content, form and timing that no sane, wise, or responsible person can believe.

In addition, the local choir of lies and hypocrisy that quickly get engaged to baseless accusations and cheap adulation will not manage to conceal the truth that is known by the Lebanese. It will also not change Hizbullah’s firm political stance from the developments and events in the region.

Once again, the Saudi decision once revealed the falsity of the kingdom’s claims and confirms its true position which sponsors and funds terrorism and stirs seditions throughout the entire Islamic and Arab world.

Source: Hizbullah Media Relations

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