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Hezbollah Slams Myanmar’s Rohingya Genocide

Hezbollah issued the following statement: Hezbollah denounces the crimes committed against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar [Burma] which left thousands of victims and displaced thousands others, with the world human rights claimed defenders being silent in front of such crimes.

This oppressed people, being subjected to the worst genocide ever, are the victims of Myanmar’s criminal regime and the international involvement against them and against Rohingya Muslims all over the world, especially those arrogant forces who turn things upside down when any incident harm their interests. Meanwhile, they stay silent about genocides and violations of women’s and children’s rights when their privileges and hellish enterprises in the world go unharmed.

The few painful footage leaked by media about the massacres being committed in Rakhine Province reveals the hatred in the natures of Myanmar’s regime followers who receive actual support from world powers, including the Zionist enemy that arms Myanmar’s criminal army with all required weapons to commit its continuous crimes.

Hezbollah calls on all vital forces in our nation and the entire world to raise the voice high against the genocide of the oppressed people of Rakhine, and to do all what is possible to lift the oppression against them and pressure the powers that are able to lift their oppression and set them free from this tragic nightmare they are suffering, not to be false witnesses of one of the worst crimes in modern history.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations

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