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Hezbollah: Saudi Arabia Intimidates Lebanese Gov’t & Media

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Head of Hezbollah Media Relations official Mohammad Afif said that the Saudi embassy in Beirut and its local agents a campaign of organized intimidation against the Lebanese media.

Afif rejected the objection to the Tele Liban’s broadcast of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s recent interview with the Syrian al-Ekhbariya channel.

“What Tele Liban has graciously done is merely a tiny step to preserve its balance, fairness and professionalism as it represents the Lebanese state and society, including all its segments and trends,” he added, “We had provided the channel with a long list of its live broadcast, news coverage and programs which were all in favor of one political team at the expense of the national partnership.”

Afif noted that Tele Liban’s step of broadcasting Sayyed Nasrallah’s interview is not a precedent for some parties to express insolently their objection to.

Hezbollah official refuted the claim that Tele Liban coordinated the technical side with the Syrian channel to broadcast the interview, stressing that Al-Manar TV distributed the broadcast frequencies to all the channels for free, as what usually happens when Sayyed Nasrallah delivers a speech or holds an interview.

“Saudi Arabia, which does not bear criticism and does not allow freedom of speech, is leading through its embassy in Beirut a campaign of intimidations and threats against the Lebanese government and media outlets.”

Denouncing the Saudi campaign, Afif asserted his confidence that the Lebanese media will disobey the financial temptations and the ugly threats.

According to Afif, what outraged Saudi Arabia and its allies as well as media is that Sayyed Nasrallah exposed that Saudi aggression on Yemen amid Arab and Western silence due to Riyadh’s threats financial influence.

Hezbollah official finally asserted that along with time more honorable and free voices will confront aggression, hegemony and domination.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations

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