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Hezbollah on Hujr Ibn Adi’s Grave Assault: What We Feared Has Happened

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Hezbollah condemned on Thursday the crime that terrorists committed against the grave of Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) dignified companion, Hujr Ibn Adi Al-Kindi, in Adra, Damascus.

In a statement it issued, Hezbollah Media Relations expressed its pain for hearing the “news that armed terrorists has dug the grave of the Prophet’s dignified companion, Martyr Hujr Ibn Adi Al-Kindi, in Adra, near the Syrian capital, Damascus”.

“What we expected and feared, and what Hezbollah Secretary General, his Eminence Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, warned of two days ago, regarding the assault on sanctums, and the violation of religious sanctities, has happened”, the statement said.

“The shrine of the great companion, Hujr Ibn Adi, is one of the most important shrines for all Muslims, and violating and digging his grave in this way reveals a terrorist and criminal mentality that does not respect neither Muslim nor Christian sanctities”, it added.

The statement indicated that “this crime raises one big question: Where is the Syrian opposition which claimed it wanted to protect sanctities and pledged to defend shrines and religious centers?”.

In conclusion, Hezbollah expressed its deep concern over the ongoing attacks on sanctities, and called upon the responsible parts “to hold responsibility so that they wouldn’t be partners in the crime, and in order to put an end to this issue which is an indicator to great sedition and rising evil”.

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