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Hezbollah Needs Not Precision Missiles, Israel Decaying from Within 

Al-Ahed News – Former chief of the Zionist Military Intelligence Directorate [Aman] Major General Amos Yaldin told an ‘Israeli’ channel that Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah “sits and calls for yet another ‘spider’s web, as Hezbollah needs not to develop precision missiles given that ‘Israel’ is decaying from within.”

The Lebanese resistance leader had given a resounding speech after the liberation of South Lebanon from the ‘Israeli’ occupation in May 2000, mocking the Zionist entity which is still referred to, ever since, as “weaker than a spider’s web.”

‘Israeli’ media cited Yaldin as affirming that “people in ‘Israel’ feel that the contract between them and the government has been violated. People feel that they have sacrificed their loved ones and their lives while ‘Israel’ is heading to a bad place,” the ‘Israeli’ general went on to say.

On the level of the great impact imposed by the Palestinian resistance operations on the consciousness of the occupation and its settlers, he emphasized that the “Palestinian motive to carry out operations has always been there, but now there are fighters of other kind.”

Yaldin went on to describe the operations as the following: “Those wake up in the morning, after being incited on social media networks, with a lot of weapons and money in the field, and most of the times they are not arrested before clashing with them, which happens too late.”

There is no magic solution for the Palestinian operations, Yaldin underscored. “The true security problems facing ‘Israel’s’ security are not displayed on screens in ‘Israel’.”

The ‘Israeli’ general further questioned the occupation military’s officers and official about how they deal with the fact that the ‘Israeli’ deterrence has been damaged, pointing to that Sayyed Nasrallah is calling for another ‘spider’s web’ [speech], stressing that “Hezbollah doesn’t need to develop precision missiles since we are decaying from within.”

Yaldin, also former general in the ‘Israeli’ Air Force and the Zionist forces’ military attaché to Washington, D.C. concluded his criticism of the ‘Israeli’ politicians and government by saying: “We have in the government now people who encourage division instead of being busy with Iran and Hezbollah. We are igniting the fire here in addition to the danger of the Palestinian operations, which we must stop.”

Yaldin’s remarks follow comments by ‘Israeli’ Haaretz newspaper which described Sayyed Nasrallah’s latest speech as the ‘Spider’s Web 2’, pointing to that “Sayyed Nasrallah diagnoses an internal weakness in the ‘Israeli’ entity given the wide-scale crisis on the legislative and political levels. Hence, he started to threaten.”

Meanwhile, doubts within the ‘Israeli’ security and military establishments grow regarding the Zionist entity’s capability to confront more escalation, whether inside or from abroad, in wake of the increasing abilities of Palestinians to carry out painful operations to deter the aggression of the ‘Israeli’ occupation.

Earlier during the day, ‘Israeli’ military chief of staff Herzi Halevi emphasized that “the Palestinian attacks and the recent incidents have inflicted heavy losses upon ‘Israel’,” claiming that those operations are being investigated and studied by the ‘Israeli’ Central Command leadership.

For his part, Eyal Ben-Reuven, former deputy commander of the ‘Israeli’ military’s Northern Command, commented on the Palestinian resistance operations in the occupied territories by terming the reality as “what we are witnessing is successive tragedies.”

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