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Hezbollah denounces brutal torture of martyr Jaradat, urges “All-Out Intifada”

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Hezbollah stressed that the martyrdom of Palestinian Prisoner Arafat Jaradat in an Israeli jail has revived the issue of Palestinian prisoners, urging an all out Intifada that will uproot the Zionist entity.

“The martyrdom of prisoner Arafat Jaradat has revived the issue of Palestinian prisoners in the enemy’s jails, as it uncovered the horribleness of the torture these prisoners have been subjected to”, Hezbollah Media Relations said in a statement released early Wednesday.

The Martyrdom “also highlighted the Sufferance of thousands of prisoners, including women and children who have been for long years in the Israeli jails and under bad conditions”. 
“This crime has produced the core of the Intifada in the Palestinian street, in which more than hundred of this people, who has been sacrificing, were injured by the occupation forces’ fire”.

In this context, Hezbollah urged an all out Intifada that contributes to uprooting the occupation, and putting an end to the Zionist crimes.

As the party offered condolences to Jaradat’s family, it called on the nation to offer the Palestinian people with the needed support in order to go forward with its heroic stand against the Zionist enemy.

Hezbollah also urged the concerned international and humanitarian organizations to condemn the enemy’s acts and to take measures that could stop these acts, “in order (for these organizations) not to be a participant, like the Western governments, in this crime”.

Source: Al-Manar

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