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Hezbollah Denies Rumored Content of Previous Meeting with Emmanuel Macron

Al-Ahed News – Office of the Lebanese Head of Loyalty to Resistance Parliamentary Bloc (Hezbollah), Hajj Mohammad Raad, categorically denied the scenario imagined by some journalists regarding what was said in the meeting between Raad and French President Emmanuel Macron during the latter’s previous visit to Beirut a couple of week ago.

Beside rejecting the circulating media content, which the source claimed to be cited by Macron to Hajj Mohammad Raad, the office noted that it will preserve the true and positive content of the meeting, and the words uttered by Mr. Macron to preserve the meeting’s trust.

Earlier, the writer in the French “Le Figaro” newspaper, Georges Malbrunot, quoted a French source in Beirut as saying the contents of the conversation between French President Emmanuel Macron and the head of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP Mohammad Raad during his visit to Lebanon on August 6.

According to Malbrunot, Macron told Raad: “I want to work with you to change Lebanon, but prove that you are Lebanese. We all know that you have an Iranian agenda. We are fully aware of your history and your identity. Are you Lebanese, Yes or no? Will you help the Lebanese? Yes or no? So go back to the homeland. Leave Syria and Yemen, and let your mission here limited to building the state, because the new state will benefit your children.”

Meanwhile, the French writer revealed that “In recent weeks there has been an exchange of letters between Paris and Hezbollah behind the scenes. The French source uncovered that Macron told Hezbollah leaders: We won’t bother you in discussing your weapons and in two or three important points for you. However, you have to revive the system and accept playing because we cannot continue like this and your people will be drowned with the current regime.”

Malbrunot further unveiled that Raad will be among those whom Macron will meet on Tuesday at the “Pine Palace” in Beirut.

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