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Has the hurricane season arrived in the occupied territories?

NOURNEWS – The events of the past two days and this morning in the occupied territories, which have caused a wide wave of concern among the citizens of the occupied territories due to the confusion of the security forces and the army of the regime in confirming and rejecting the published news, so that criticism has been leveled at Prime Minister Netanyahu.

On Wednesday evening, the Zionist media, including Haaretz, first reported a terrible explosion at the Tomer rocket engine factory, which had taken place the day before. It was around 1:20 a.m. Thursday, Tel Aviv time, when the same media reported that a missile had hit near the Dimona nuclear facility.

Netanyahu’s rival Avigdor Lieberman said in response to the explosion this morning near the Dimona facility; “A 200-kilogram warhead missile was fired at Israel, and the situation could have turned out differently, but Netanyahu was asleep to prepare only for his own affairs!”

Meanwhile; The Israeli army has officially acknowledged the failure of its air defenses to intercept and destroy the missile, and according to the army’s Arabic spokesman, Avikhai Adrei, wrote on his Twitter account that they had not been able to intercept the missile fired from Syrian territory.

Obviously, these storms, both those that have become media and those that do not become media, are the product of the winds that Netanyahu planted, and now it is time for him to stay in power and escape trial with heavy charges. The economy has taken dangerous risks, the costs of which are now emerging one after another.

Many Israeli politicians and strategists have repeatedly warned of the regime’s vulnerability to its small geography and besieged by resistance movements, stressing the strategic proposition that Netanyahu should not direct tensions and atrocities to undermine the regime’s interests.

The point is that; For all the migrants settled in the occupied territories who have come to the occupied Palestinian territories from different parts of the world in search of a better and safer life, security is the main priority and vital need, and if this principle is violated, no belonging to this land and They will not have a fake Zionist regime and therefore support for this regime.

Now, the main threat to the existence of this fake regime is the severe social, economic and religious contradictions that will definitely exacerbate the current situation and increase insecurity. However, the core of Israel is formed on the basis of insecurity and, of course, will never see security.

Regardless of the security effects of recent events, the identification of Israel’s extreme vulnerability in strategic areas has led to the formation of strong divisions within the regime and, at the same time, daily protests in various cities against Netanyahu have increased pressure on him.

On the other hand; according to the regime’s army, the missile fired at Dimona was able to pass through the Iron Dome system without the possibility of interception and exploded in the sky on the eve of hitting the complex automatically, without any defense systems playing a role. This indicates that the above missile could have hit Dimona, but for whatever reason this did not happen.

These two very important events, namely the explosion at the Arrow air defense missile production plant, which is the backbone of the missile defense and the Iron Dome system, along with the missile strike near Dimona, certainly have clear messages for the evil leaders of the Zionist regime that continuing evil can cost It will have much bigger and more dangerous dimensions for this regime.

The situation for Netanyahu has changed dramatically since the time of Donald Trump, and some US officials have explicitly barred Israel from continuing the vicious and costly behavior of the past.

The new US administration has implicitly conveyed the message to Israel that under the new circumstances it is unwilling to pay the political and security costs of Israeli atrocities and will not support them.

It seems anyway; Netanyahu’s vicious stunts and actions, pursued with the approach of preserving personal interests and continuing to stay in power, have severely undermined “security” as a key element for the survival of the regime and its very divergent social fabric, and not only created better conditions for Not Netanyahu, but by increasing political and social pressure on him has accelerated the process of weakening his position.

If Netanyahu’s little political intelligence fails to understand the message of recent events, the most important of which is the regime’s extreme weakness in protecting critical infrastructure, it is unclear whether there will be an opportunity in the future to make up for today’s mistakes.

by Mohammad Ghaderi

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