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Harakat al-Nujaba: Popular Mobilization Forces to Partake in Mosul Liberation

Harakat al-NujabaSheikh Akram Al Kaabi, the Secretary General of the Islamic resistance movement in Iraq, the Harakat al-Nujaba [Al Nujaba movement], said that the Islamic Republic is the sponsor of the axis of the oppressed and the resistance as well as an ally and a key strategic partner for Iraq.

In an exclusive interview with the Al Ahed News Website, Al Kaabi responded to a question regarding his most recent consultations in Iran. He stated that the movement has agreed to coordinate with its partners over the latest developments, discussing many of the crucial issues in the region.

He added that the main objective behind his visit was to discuss the latest military and security developments as well as finding ways to confront the ideological and intellectual incubators of terrorism in the region. The visit was also a show of gratitude to the Iranian stance throughout the unjust war waged by the Takfiri terrorism – backed by the global arrogance – against the Iraqi people. Al Kaabi also pointed to the important role of the Iranian advisers who are present along the frontlines.

* We will participate in the operation to liberate Mosul despite objections

Regarding the battle to liberate Mosul and the participation of the Harakat al-Nujaba, the Secretary General of the Islamic resistance movement in Iraq, described the battle for Mosul as fateful, stating that this battle is not only against the Daesh terror group, but also against the arrogant and colonial powers that are trying to exploit the liberation of Mosul, attempting to re-impose their influence over Iraq and establish military bases that threaten the region. It is also a battle against the treacherous politicians who carry out Saudi, Qatari, and Turkish agendas to divide Iraq.

He added: In accordance with the available data, the resistance factions and Harakat al-Nujaba have to take part in the battle to liberate Mosul for the sake of Iraq and its people, while thwarting the colonial and expansionist projects, and addressing attempts aimed at dividing Iraq into conflicting and competing regions.

Al-Kaabi stressed that “We, as a resistance within the Popular Mobilization, will participate in the operation to liberate Mosul despite those who do not accept it, especially after the Iraqi Prime Minister issued a decision allowing the participation of the Popular Mobilization in this battle.”

* Battle of Aleppo is strategic

In response to a question about the developments on the ground in Syria especially the liberation of Aleppo, Sheikh Akram Al Kaabi said that the battle for Aleppo is considered a strategic one. That is why the militants were keen on capturing the city. At first, they imposed a full blockade on Aleppo, which forced us to attack them by helicopter with the Syrian Army and other allies. Despite the siege and lack of support and capabilities, we were able to conduct important military operations. Indeed God granted us victory and the siege on the city was broken.

The Secretary General of the Al Nujaba Movement added: the Syrian army and its allies succeeded in turning things around, and they took the lead. Now we were able to impose a siege on the militants present in some parts of the city center despite ongoing Arab, Western, and Turkish attempts to break this blockade.

* The unity of the resistance within the Popular Mobilization terminated the American scheme

In response to another question about continuous US attempts to return to Iraq under the pretext of combating terrorism as well as the American support for Daesh, Al Kaabi replied that the Americans left Iraq because of blows dealt by the Islamic resistance. They dismantled the military establishment and laid down a political system [in Iraq] that does not allow the country’s advancement. They left only after they planted the seeds of terrorism and discord. This served as an excuse for their reoccupation of Iraq in the future, which comes with a request from the [Baghdad] government [for their return], enjoying public support under the pretext of saving the country from terrorism.

However, Kaabi highlighted that the unity of the resistance within the Harakat al-Nujaba terminated the American scheme, which backfired on Washington. According to their previous plans, they believed that Iraq would not be able to free the cities from Daesh without American help and the establishment of strategic US military bases in Iraq. But the swift victories bedazzled them and foiled their colonial projects.

Regarding Saudi Arabia’s goals in Iraq, the Secretary General of the al-Nujaba movement said he cannot deal with this regime since it is a strategic ally of the West as well as a servant and an ugly, distorted creature of the colonial West.

Sheikh al-Kaabi stressed that any role for Saudi Arabia in Iraq is dangerous and unacceptable. What actually happened is that they sent an intelligence agent to be their ambassador [in Iraq]. Upon his arrival he began implementing sabotage projects in this country and blatantly held meetings with suspicious figures issuing sectarian and destructive remarks. This is evidence of their stupidity; they couldn’t even get an espionage job right.

Mukhtar Haddad

Source: Al-Ahed News

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