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For children of war

Mehr News Agency – While surfing the internet or reading a book, you might find a fact that satisfies your curiosity so you will not stay up long at nights thinking. I found a webpage, the title of which made me curious: women in war.

children-of-warElizabeth Lee Miller was a supermodel, who photographed many everlasting moments of the World War II. When she was only seven, she was raped by a family friend. The trauma never left her alone and she was finally convinced that she could never be in peace. She became so cold that she watched the atrocities of the war through her lens, as if she was saying: “I am going to show you some scenes that slap you in the face hardly and jeopardize your peace. You can choose not to see them but you can never deny them…” and today, after the end of long and homewrecking war such as the WWI, WWII, the Vietnam war and many other wars and revolutions around the world, still, human is in war.

However, war between powers, tribes and groups is not what I intend to discuss; this is what we see every day in the headlines and as we drink our coffee in peace continue reading. However, has it ever crossed our minds what happens to children in wars?

During the World Wars, the business of a group was raping little girls when they even did not know what childhood was. To some men, getting killed for the country has always been an honor; their statues were put in the main squares of the city and everybody spent moments of silence to show respect to them.

Women of war have always turned into legends, who have worked hard and resisted the war although they had delicate bodies and souls. Innocent children of the world are sacrificed the way they would never even dream; their eyes see things and their souls are crushed under the shocks of incidents.

However, they would never even let their dolls feel such agony. When the limbs of their dolls are lost, they blame themselves for that and try to make up with their dolls. They apologize to them. Children instinctively have found out that life is a right and they must not take it from anybody, even from soulless things.

The media have announced that in 2013, the states of the world have spent $1,735 billion on war, while only $135 billion is needed to eradicate poverty in the world.
We hear a lot about war… we follow the news regarding crises, but all our efforts to solve the problem is limited to sighing.

Children are raped, scared and killed. They witness the appalling death of their loved ones, and if they are lucky enough, they stay alive… just physically. They turn into soulless bodies that only walk, breathe and eat. When children get traumatized, their condition is irretrievable. Then no matter how many statements we issue or how many conventions of children’s rights we hold. When children experience war, they die; and if they don’t, they will have many war-torn memories. One of these days, they will find a ground mine thinking it is a toy that had been covered with dust for years… and it is how children get killed years after the end of war.

The ones that have become rich by war spoils, will become social justice warriors only when they get overwhelmed by luxury; only then they will burp suggestions to “help” war children… and this way, they contribute to society.

It is what they do… they feed their egos by doing children of war a “favor”. They are an army of individuals with the knowledge of psychology and sociology, who receive their wages from capitalists, and in return, take the rights of children away… they poison the world by their fake expression of emotions. Let us not forget, no matter how much we try, the memories of conflict children still smell like gunpowder.

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