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Fake news aimed at laying blame on Iran

Irna – An expert on nuclear issues said that fake news like Iran and the P4+1 would reach a deal soon in Vienna was aimed at conditioning Iranian public opinion and putting the blame on Iran’s negotiation team.

In an interview with IRNA on Tuesday, Mohammad Qaderi said that the talks in Vienna, Austria, to remove sanctions against Iran were moving forward based on the June draft updated to include Iran’s demands. However, the Iranian expert added that there is no talk of interim agreement or a countdown to reach a deal.

Qaderi noted that reports on interim deal or countdown are fake news aimed at conditioning Iranian public opinion, so that if a deal was reached, the Iranian people would think that their government walked back, and if there was no deal, they could put the blame on Iran’s “maximalist demands.”

Both scenarios are in the interests of the West to introduce Iran as either the loser or the one to blame, Qaderi said. He went on to explain attempts made by Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and the Israeli regime to affect the Vienna talks, saying that such interference can be evaluated as playing a role in the West’s psychological operation.

The Western parties want to affect the negotiations from spaces outside the negotiation room, employing external players in addition to media, according to the expert.

The Israeli regime has taken the misinformation and threat-making role; South Korea is negotiating with the US to pretend that Washington has accepted to release Iran’s blocked funds in the country; and Saudi Arabia is trying to impose its demands through the E3 channel, Qaderi opined.

He also warned Iranian officials to be cautious about such media machinations and propaganda.

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