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Explosion “Bonhomme Richard”: four possible hypotheses

NourNews – There have been numerous speculations in the media and social networks, especially activists in the United States, about what, why and how the explosion on the ship “Bonhomme Richard” occurred last night, but at least four hypotheses can be more likely.

Last night, the media reported the explosion and then the relatively heavy and widespread fire on the American aircraft carrier “USS Bonhomme Richard” at the “San Diego” naval base in the southwestern United States.
Despite the importance of the issue, the Ministry of Defense or the Navy have not yet commented on how and why this happened, which took place in military and protected areas. This event, which is a special event of its kind, has created a lot of ambiguity due to the unprecedented secrecy of Americans on similar issues.

There have been many speculations in the media and social networks, especially activists in the United States, about what, why and how this explosion happened last night, but at least four hypotheses can be more probable.

The first possibility is that; Due to the military’s involvement in the violent and unprecedented crackdown on recent anti-racist protests in the United States, and given the deep social divisions in the United States, some protesting elements within the US military have taken action. Of course, given the continuing policy of repression in the United States, such actions can spontaneously continue and spread to other areas.

The second possibility is that; Because party rivalries in this period of the US presidential election are so high due to the special circumstances of this country and Trump’s contradictory and costly behaviors and make it very difficult to predict the outcome of the election, the occurrence of such events can seriously change the fate of the election. The possibility of planning and implementing this action in the context of party competitions is also conceivable, as there have been similar cases in previous rounds of elections that reinforce this hypothesis.

The third possibility is that; Recent events in the United States, especially the massive protests, as well as the wave of opposition and protests against the Trump administration due to its inability to contain the outbreak of corona virus, have created a very difficult and fragile situation for Trump and greatly reduced his chances of winning the election as recent polls suggest his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, is 7 percent ahead. According to this; The explosion of the American ship could be an action by the Trump administration to secure the space and allow more attacks on the opposition and more severe repression of the protests, especially since Trump has shown in the last four years that he will not give up any action to maintain his position.

The fourth possibility is that; explosions and fires on Bonhomme Richard could be the result of an external IT operation or a special operation, as the US government would naturally expect to be subjected to retaliation by taking similar actions against other countries. Therefore, it can be expected that the source of the explosion and fire in the American ship was a cyber operation or a special operation of gray origin.

In addition to these assumptions, what has made the atmosphere more ambiguous about this incident is the US response to similar cases that the US administration has tried to evade by concealing and not disclosing accurate information.

Among them is the crash of a US E-11A spy plane in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province in January of this year. Accurate and clear narration of the story and its aftermath has not been provided yet.

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