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Europe puppeteered in US scenario for JCPOA

Mehr News Agency – Iranian MP Mohammad Ebrahim Rezaei says that Europe will not do anything practical for Iran and is buying time in a scenario written by US.

jcpoa-europe“The role Europe is playing pretending to be trying to preserve the nuclear deal is what US has written for them in a ploy,” said Iranian MP Mohammad Ebrahim Rezaei on Sunday. “To me, Europe has not considered the rights of Iranian nation and government and has not taken the new negotiations seriously,” said the MP from Khomein Constituency who is also a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Parliament.

“Government and foreign ministry tying hopes to Europe as a savior of the JCPOA is an unrealistic move,” asserted the law-maker. “The proposal package of Europe has been offered in a form of statement with vague sentences in a way that Europe has shouldered no commitment towards Iran. In this statement some vague sentences have hailed the measures of the Islamic Republic of Iran and it seems that Europe is buying time,” he highlighted.

“They are buying time to keep Iran committed to the obligations stipulated in the JCPOA while Europe and US will show no commitment to Iran in return,” stated the legislator. “The government should decisively announce its stances and implement the principles of resistance economy to cut the dependence to Europe with filling the voids and save the country,” he underlined.

“The Europeans think that the Islamic Republic of Iran will have no options but to surrender more advantages to 5+1 to be able to control the country. In fact, Europe is playing part of US’ scenario here. US is posing as an intimidating side and Europe is posing as a kind friend,” he maintained. “The policy of US and Europe is based on preventing the cycle of nuclear energy in Iran being activated,” articulated the MP.

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